SMS marketing

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Our Services :

  • Direct sms sending from your own computer
  • Thousands of SMS sending interface
  • Masking ( Sender ID) Company Name 
  • Real time delivery report
  • Bulk SMS up to 1000 sms per min

It seems like everyone these days is addicted to texting on their smart phone. Why not take advantage of this method of communication to expand your marketing? Use SMS Marketing service to send text messages to a list of 200 or 250,000 people with ease.
Send bulk sms through  a SMS Marketing campaign in minutes  by using  our simple free web interface  and masking, then schedule it to send and have people checking their phones for your message within the hour. You  can also Track  and the report  results in real-time with our reporting system .
First time bulk sms marketing is offering  you 100 bonus SMS with 5000 SMS order. We guarantee you 100% delivery to your destination .
we are offering most offer and the package start as small from 5000 unit only .